update on The Genesis Project : Prophecy of the Seven

Editing is completed! Yay! Waiting on my Beta readers and proofreader. We may have an early release after all!


Workin’ hard or hardly workin’

After a week of family visiting, totaling 10 people in my little three bedroom 1500 sq. ft. house, and not working on editing at all or much of anything for that matter (lol) I was wondering what you expect from your Beta readers…

I was wondering what you expect from your Beta’s?

Do you expect them to read like you do? Read as fast as you do?

For me I place no expectations on anyone, I allow them to go at their own pace, but know my deadline for publishing and hope that they would have their comments in at least two weeks before.

That being said what do you expect from your Beta’s? What questions do you ask them if any, and what kind of window do you give them to read?

Comments are welcome! XD


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The Genesis Project Teaser!

Alright we recieved five more follows today! Here’s your teaser! enjoy!

I couldn’t let this happen to people who had taken my mom and me in, people who loved us and treated us as family.

“Stop, put me down” I screamed at Jasper and Luke.

I started kicking my feet and jerking my arms to get them to let me go. I was angry; we were supposed to fight not run away.

I jerked away throwing out their arms using my telekinesis, forcing myself up through the air reaching into my core, fogging the area, I hovered at the top of the tree line after all I didn’t want to be an easy target if I could help it.

I opened my mind, feeling for my center, and allowed my body to react the way it wanted to.

I released the telekinesis dropping myself to the earth, I knew I wouldn’t hurt myself, the Earth wouldn’t hurt me, I was as much a part of her as she was me.

I slammed into earth landing on one knee, shoving my fist into the ground pushing my rage from carnage I’d witnessed into the Earth willing her to respond to my call.

I looked up facing the Militia and those who had fallen wounded and dead a like, I watched the earth ripple in massive seismic shock waves.

The ground lifted from where my fist had planted, massive mounds of earth movied at a high rate of speed to crush those who had harmed us….

Find out in May 2014 if Reighlyn succeeded in thwarting the Militia.


©2014 by C.L. De Leon