Sources for the Aspiring Author

In my search for how to self publish and my attempt to understand just what I am doing I wanted to share two sources I have found.

First Fivver.
I found fever by reading through another bloggers website a few months back. There are some great deals and amazing opportunities for you here.–Note if your looking for a cover DO YOUR REASEARCH while you may get a deal for 25.00 believe me (experience) you get what you pay for and they may not do what you’ve asked for. Find someone is is willing to do revisions for free (unlimited if possible) and if possible give you three different mock ups so you can decide what is for you.

Second Elance.
Again you get what you pay for make sure when you use this service and post your job you specify a set budget and the amount you can pay. Give all the details as to what you need in your job description so that the Elancers can assess for themselves if your job is they type they would want to do and enjoy doing it for you…you want someone who can be excited about your work like you are not forced to fake it. Make sure you read their profile and look at their reviews…you don’t want someone who isn’t making other people happy– although I worked with a man who was new to Elance and had 40 yrs experience as a copy editor… I was beyond pleased.

Talk to each Elance freelancer before you choose one for your job.

Some of these people do this for a living and not a side job so keep that in mind as well when you choose your pricing.


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