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Just ordered these beauties for you! They’ll be in for the May 1st release date and I would love to get them into your hands!  Sign up for email alerts and be sure to stop by Facebook and say Hi! You’re important to me and I would love to “meet” you and shake your virtual hand (lol). Also!!! I have a neat key chain you can win too!



Front and back
I’m so excited the pre release and release are almost here!
And the amazing A.C. Haury @ Bibliophile Book Reviews is going over the final print manuscript for The Genesis Project Prophecy of the Seven and the print cover is in the works.

*Does midair freeze frame jump with an uber grin*

I’m also excited to tell you I’ve finished and posted my first official book review for Bibliophile Book Reviews 🙂 I am very excited to be apart of their amazing team. 🙂
You can check out the review HERE as well as others by some truly talented Author’s.
You can request a Book Review from Bibliophile Book Reviews HERE as well as other services.

If you’re interested in A.C. Haury ‘ s limitless expertise drop here a line HERE.



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