Hey! Twitter you going?

Lol okay so the title may be cheesy but Twitter is fast becoming my new thing.  After despising Twitter for years I have finally begun to have fun with it.

Now if I could memorize all those super useful hashtags I’d be golden!

Alas I nearly can’t juggle my load as it is… my four year old, house work, writing the second novel in The Genesis Project Series, finding ways to convince reviewers to review the first book Prophecy of the Seven, laundry and dishes (the bane of my existence), the Hubbs, blah blah blah….

Ummmm life in general lol. We all have our pots full of stew some of us have more veggies than meat or more meat than veggies….or some philosophical saying like that.

The point is don’t stop -enter 85 ‘ s rock music…you know the one I’m talking about don’t you 😉 – writting, keep making an effort and putting your best foot forward and in this day and age and with Facebook literally taking away our free marketing platform, Twitter is where it’s at!
Next I will figure out Goodreads for something other than listing books I’ve read and ones I’m going to read.



So I received the paperback version of my book today! I am beyond happy about this. This feels so unreal to have my work in my hands…to see it in print…I have no words to express how this makes me feel. Okay so I have a lot of words I’m a writer lol
I just want to encourage you IF you are a hopeful like me please know it can be done. Do not be discouraged by all these people telling you you need thousands of dollars to be an indie Author (Self-Published) yes you get what you pay for but there are some editors and cover designers who will work with you and what you have in order to help you get where you need. I have met such people who have helped me. If you’d like this information send me a message on my FACEBOOK 🙂