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Non-Earth Universes

The Goblin Chief

I’ve started and abandoned several Earth-universe books, typically near-future sci-fi joints. They can be interesting psychological exercises – a reflection of the author’s political and cultural biases – but the defined historical root of the real world ultimately hamstrung me. (I’m sorry for inflicting one of them on the two people who’ve read it. You know who you are!) The world-building involved in getting from a known past to a future there can be an interesting theory-crafting exercise but becomes overly idealized or depressingly gritty. Neither appeals to me personally.

So I’ve found myself devoted 100% to the universe I’ve slowly built over the past decade, which I’ve come to call the Grey Empire Universe. My strongest WIP is a novel called The Thirteenth Orbit (current in a second draft and being actively beta read), set roughly 4,000 years into the established history of the world, but I’ve got…

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Front and back
I’m so excited the pre release and release are almost here!
And the amazing A.C. Haury @ Bibliophile Book Reviews is going over the final print manuscript for The Genesis Project Prophecy of the Seven and the print cover is in the works.

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I’m also excited to tell you I’ve finished and posted my first official book review for Bibliophile Book Reviews 🙂 I am very excited to be apart of their amazing team. 🙂
You can check out the review HERE as well as others by some truly talented Author’s.
You can request a Book Review from Bibliophile Book Reviews HERE as well as other services.

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