Covers, Graphics and Design. Oh my!

Ok, so I will admit that I am a total newb when it comes to all things publishing.  I understand that as a self publisher you wear many hats.

What I don’t understand is why it is so hard to find what you’re looking for, what you need, and obtain it easily.

Recently I hired a guy to design the cover for The Genesis Project : Prophecy of the Seven.  He had ample experience and his portfolio… ah-may-zing!

At the time I couldn’t believe my luck! This guy had cut me a deal understanding that I am a hopeful first time self publishing author.

He asked what my book was about and my different main characters – which can get confusing Reighlyn D’Crey is the main character who share her spot light with six sub mains.- I gave him my idea, my vision for the cover and he did the complete opposite.

What he did was great but not what I needed or could use, worse he had already received payment.

Just to be clear I am not complaining.  I simply want to inform other hopefuls like myself,  finding someone who can and will do quality work at a small price is hard to come by.


Finding someone to proofread and edit.

How is it possible for first time self publishing authors to publish IF editing costs 1/3.5 cents a WORD? Lol my first book is just under 47K.  That’s a lot of cash – I’m not saying it’s not worth it or not to do it. If you have the money go for it!-

There has to be a better way.

I found Fiverr.

While I still had to save to get my book edited I paid a 1/4 of what everyone else asked.

Research, research, research.

Finally I’ve decided to give it a go on designing my own cover. I have training in Adobe products so why not. Lol.

It may work out in my favor, it may not, we’ll see.

As it stands I still plan on launching The Genesis Project : Prophecy of the Seven soon. Maybe sooner than anticipated.  🙂